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Navigate Divorce with Confidence: Introducing a CDC Divorce Coach

As an experienced and certified divorce coach, I specialize in assisting individuals during one of the most challenging phases of their lives. With certifications in both Divorce Coaching and Divorce Transition and Recovery Coaching from the CDC, I am dedicated to helping clients comprehend the complexities of the business side of divorce. Through years of working closely with women throughout my practice, I've honed the ability to provide you with the necessary tools and guidance to help you thrive throughout this entire process.

There are too many things to consider during this process. Emotionally, is divorce the right choice for you? Is divorce the right choice for you and your family? Maybe you haven't considered options to help with the relationship that you're in right now. There may be things that you haven't thought about, things that you don't even know exist. I can help you understand what's available to you. Think through different options.

When do you need to hire other professionals? When do you need to interview? Hire a lawyer, A mediator. Possibly a real estate agent. Maybe you need to talk to a therapist. Maybe you need a financial advisor. There are so many different people that can help you make best choices and best decisions. If you go into your lawyer meeting with a clear picture of where you are right now, and where you want to be, with a plan that's going to help you get there. Taking ownership of your situation and being prepared during those meetings, will help your lawyer be able to do a better job for you.

Divorce is emotional when you're overwhelmed, feeling ashamed, feeling guilty, feeling scared, sad, confused. It's great to have someone to think through all of the details with, create the plan again so you can make the best decisions for you and your family.

How do you talk to your partner? If this is something that you're thinking about but not something your partner's thinking about, how do you talk to them about divorce? How do you talk to them about who may maybe going to counseling together? How do you talk to them about how you're going to talk to your children together? Creating a parenting plan. If you do decide that divorce is the best option for you and your family, there's so many ways that you can create a parenting plan together and there's so many things to think about.

What's best for your kids, depending on their ages, what works best for you and your partner? What works best for your family? Knowing that your kids will be okay. I think, one of the things that parents struggle with the most, knowing that they'll be okay, learning how to talk to them, learning how to respond to them when they come to you, feeling sad themselves.

If you're in a better emotional place to talk to them about divorce and the change in the relationship, talk to them about how you're still a family, how you're going to move forward, how you love them, how this is not their fault. Working through this ahead of time, you'll be more prepared for the conversations that are going to come, and it'll help your family organizing your finances and your money. Have you thought about how much money you need to live on your own? Have you created a budget? Are you in touch with a certified divorce financial analyst? These are things that you need to consider.

I'm your thinking partner. I'm here to listen to you. Work with you, guide you in a non-judgmental way where you don't need to feel shame, blame, or embarrassment.

I want you to be open in all ways, all areas of your life. We can work through anything together. You can work through anything on your own. Sometimes we just need someone to talk to, to help clarify the many different steps. One thing at a time. Work through one thing at a time. Things become clear. You build up your confidence and then you start to know, okay, this is going to be great.

I can do it. We can do it. The kids are going to be okay. One step at a time. When? When things seem really low. When things seem impossible. It's great to have someone who's on your side. Someone who can help you to regulate your emotions, think clearer, and help you make the best choices for you and your family. You'll gain the knowledge and the skills to be able to move forward through this transition and get successfully to the next chapter of your life. There's so much involved in the transition of divorce. It's good to have a thinking partner on your side.

I know that if I worked with someone, if I had a divorce coach like myself to help me work through my divorce, I would have felt better about myself. I may still be in the same spot that I'm in right now, which is pretty great. But along the way, I would have had someone to just bounce things off of to help clear things up. I would have been more prepared for my lawyer meetings. I know that for sure. I would have hired a financial advisor a lot sooner. I would have considered options that I didn't even know existed, that I know now through my training, the skills that I've gathered, I'm even more prepared to help you out right now.

If you're looking to talk to someone right now, if you are considering divorce or transitioning through a divorce and you're looking to find someone to work that through with reach out, we can have a call and you can take it from there. I hope to inspire you to be the best person that you can be.

And until next time here's to youfirst!




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