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Legacy of Strength: Supporting Your Child through Divorce with Love and Resilience

Your child wants to live with their other parent, and this hurts. Today, I'm going to share with you six things for you to think about before you emotionally react to what your child is saying. If this is something that you weren't expecting or it came out of the blue, you may be filled with all kinds of emotions. This may be breaking your heart. You may not agree with this, but if your child is old enough, I suggest that what you might want to consider is being supportive of their choice. I have a little story that I'm going to read to you and then I'll share with you six things that you might want to consider when your child comes to you and says they want to live with their other parent.

“Once upon a time in a coastal village nestled between craggy cliffs and the restless sea, there stood a majestic lighthouse. It was the beacon of hope and guidance for sailors navigating the treacherous waters along the rocky shores. The lighthouse, with its towering structure and resilient presence, held a story as old as time itself. This lighthouse had weathered countless storms. Its walls echoing with the tales of tempests that had raged against its steadfast form. Yet it stood resolute. A guardian of the coastline. It's like cutting through the darkness, like a celestial finger pointing the way. 

As the years passed, the lighthouse became more than just a navigational aid. It became a symbol of strength and endurance. A silent witness to the ebb and flow of life. Its light, a constant companion to sailors at sea guided them safely through the night, ensuring they reached their destination unscathed. The keepers of the lighthouse, generation after generation, passed down the duty of maintaining the flame. They understood the significance of their role, not just in lighting the way for others, but in embodying the virtues of resilience and unwavering commitment.

One stormy night as the waves crashed against the rocks and the wind howled through the air, a weary traveler sought refuge in the village. She had lost her way in the tempest. Her ship, battered and worn. With hope flickering like a dying ember, she gazed out to sea, desperately searching for a sign. It was then that the lighthouse came alive. Its light piercing through the storm with an intensity that warmed the traveler's heart. The beacon guided her safely to the harbor, offering solace in the midst of chaos. Grateful and humbled, the traveler marveled at the lighthouse's ability to stand resolute in the face of adversity.

 In the following days, the traveler learned the tale of the lighthouse and its enduring legacy. Inspired by the lighthouse’s story, she decided to make the village her home. Over time, she became an integral part of the community, sharing her own stories of resilience and finding strength in the face of challenges. As the years passed, the lighthouse continued to stand tall, its light reaching far and wide. It became a symbol not only of guidance but also of the indomitable spirit that resides within every individual.

The story of the lighthouse echoed through the ages, a reminder that like the beacon on the cliff, each person has the power to illuminate the world and guide others through the darkest of nights. And so the story of the lighthouse lived on. A timeless tale of strength, endurance, and the unwavering light that resides within the human spirit.” 

The lighthouse represents six key lessons for you.

1: Steadfastness in Storms 

A lighthouse stands strong in a storm. Similarly, you can provide stability and assurance for your children. During challenging times, you can be a consistent presence, even when life gets difficult. You can help your child navigate treacherous storms. 

2: Guiding Light 

The primary function of a lighthouse is to shine a light for everyone to see in every treacherous condition, in all weathers, in all storms. You can be a guiding light for your children. You can let them go when they want to live with their other parent and still be a shining, guiding light in their life. This becomes especially crucial during times when your child is not sure about the decision they're making. You can be the guiding light. You can let them go and let them go so they feel no worry, no shame, no sadness. 

3: Protection and Shelter

A lighthouse provides protection and shelter. They are symbols of safety and security to sailors. And you can create that safety and security for your child. Helping them with the safe and secure home that you're creating helps them to be able to make these difficult choices in their life and feel okay with them and feel like they are not hurting anyone. They're doing what's best for them and they have your support. 

4: Consistent Love

The beam of a lighthouse is a constant, unwavering light, and you can be that constant, unwavering light for your child. You can be the support, the strength that they need to feel when they're making an important decision, such as living with their other parent. 

5: Overcoming Obstacles

Lighthouses are often built in challenging locations. They overcome obstacles of the most treacherous storms in the most remote parts of the world. You can teach resilience by demonstrating how to overcome obstacles, how to adapt to change, and emerge even stronger. You can give this to your child. 

6: Legacy and Inspiration

Lighthouses have a historical and cultural significance, leaving a lasting legacy. You can leave a lasting legacy for your child by being an inspirational figure in your child's life, and by always supporting them. You can be a lasting legacy of love, resilience, and kindness. 

If you think that divorce is the best option for you and for your family if you know that divorce is the best option for you and your family, I've created a free mini-course and I think it might be helpful for you.

You, as a lighthouse, can illuminate the path for your children, creating within them the strength, resilience, and love that you demonstrate every day. You can be a shining light for them in all of the storms that they will weather throughout their life. You can be a safe place for them. And at the same time, you can let them go.

So remember, you are worthy, you are loved, and you belong. 




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