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2 Day Awareness Retreat


That is why it is important. You will decide who you want to be and what it is that you really want for yourself moving forward. You will be introduced to the 'you first, we first' Framework and create a plan that works.

take this time for you • commit to your best self • be willing to do the work

Create Awareness • Decide where you are headed • Plan and Take Action.

you first • Practice solitude • Guided conversation •  Connect with nature • Eat healthy • Journaling • Sleep • Enjoying the water • Deep thinking •  Create a plan • Figure out who you need in your life • Feel hopeful and loved

If you dont commit to change not much will change

you are at the beginning of, in the middle of, or on the other side of divorce

  • you feel alone

  • you cannot think clearly and everything seems unreal

  • you feel exhausted, scared, overwhelmed, ashamed?

  • you feel empty and are asking yourself What's next?

  • you spend a lot of time crying and unhappy

  • your emotions are all over the place

  • things seem so hopeless and impossible

  • you are worried about your kids and your family

  • everyone is saying something different and you don't know what to think

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If you commit to change anything is possible

It is difficult to set aside time for ourselves.

But what is the alternative? Listening to everyone else.

Learn to listen to and trust you.
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You are never alone

Learn how to tap into your 'wise her'

Gain clarity around what you want

Gain clarity around who you are being

Practice Solitude 

Take the guesswork out of the divorce process

Create a future focused action plan around the entire divorce process

Mentally prepare for and understand  possible obstacles and hurdles

Feel prepared to take action and move forward

Feel hopeful and loved

What Clients are Saying

Wendy is an inspiration to me. I love how she navigated her divorce and the amazing relationships she has with her sons. So when I was in the midst of my own divorce, naturally I went to her for advice, and today I have a happy and healthy co-parenting relationship with my ex-husband and of course my son too. She also referred a book to me, "The Truth About Children and Divorce". It changed my life during that time and helped make me proud of the mother I am today.

As a mother and an entrepreneur, I am eternally grateful to Wendy for guiding me along a brighter path... she changed my life for the better.
-Jacquie R. Entrepreneur & Mom
youfirst. listen to your own voice. invest in you. put your heart into your work and your family. be creative. be honest with yourself. take action. be yourself. evolve.

I look forward to serving you

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