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Unlock 3 Breakthroughs for Transformation, Healing & Personal Growth | Empower Your Divorce Journey

If you're transitioning through a divorce right now, near the beginning, in the middle, or at the end, you may be wondering, is this ever going to end? Am I ever going to get back to normal? Am I ever going to have fun again? Am I ever going to experience joy again? Well, transformation can happen with the support of the right people in your life and with the awareness and the willingness to open your heart, Listen to your body, listen to your mind.

Today, I'm going to talk to you about three specific divorce breakthroughs that need to occur for transformation to happen. 

1. Accepting the end

Before you can even begin to move forward through this transition, you need to accept the end. During this time, in this period of the transition, you need to create awareness. You need to find the right people to support you, family, friends, professionals, doctors, experts who can help you and who can stand in your corner with you. You need to create that support system to feel strong, empowered, and able to move through the transition. To move through divorce as your best self to walk that high road and be able to look back and feel proud about how you handled your situation.

2. Doing the work: 

It's doing the inner work necessary to realize your responsibility for where you are right now. To look at the relationship that has failed and your part in that failure. And then to learn from the ending of your relationship and to learn and to grow from this experience. It's a time to heal your heart. It's a time to listen to your mind. It's the time to exercise your body. It is a time to discover what you have learned through this process. A time to reconnect with your children. To reconnect with yourself. To reconnect with your best self. 

3. Begin the work of reinventing your future:

Look at the possibilities of who you can be and what you can be in this world. Consider your goals. Take a look at your values, get in alignment with your values, and be your best self. It's a time to release yourself from the trauma of the situation of divorce. It's the time to release yourself from the old relationship you once had with your other parent and move to a new relationship with them. It's a time to create new relationships with other people. Some people will no longer be in your life. New people will come into your life. It's a time to consider a new relationship, finding a new partner, finding a new love, exploring new love. The third breakthrough is when you have done the inner work and now you are ready to move through this world as your best self. After the three breakthroughs and the transition through divorce, you will see yourself as the you and the person that you are.

But you have to do the work and it takes time and it doesn't take forever. You can do the work in six months. You can continue to do the work over the next ten years. A lot of this work can be done within six months or one year. You can start to dive in and make good choices right now for you and your family.

I hope this has helped. I want to let you know that you can do this. You're not alone. You are perfect just the way that you are. You are worthy of love. You are important. And until next time. Have a great rest of your week.




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