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Mastering Work Emotions & Thriving in Divorce: Wisdom from a Divorce Coach

How do you handle your emotions at work when you're transitioning through divorce? I mean, they just pop up, so what do you do? Be aware of the emotion. Accept the emotion. Sit with the emotion and act normal. Today, I will talk to you about ten things you can do when emotions overwhelm you at work.

It's happened to all of us. It happens to everyone who's transitioning through divorce. You could get a call from a lawyer. You could get a call from your child at school, and you just don't have anyone to pick them up, or you have to start making phone calls to find someone to pick them up. You could just have an overwhelming emotion of sadness creep up out of nowhere.

So what do you do when an emotion creeps up on you at work? 

  1. Recognize the emotion: just sit still and be with the emotion. 

  2. Take a few deep breaths: breathwork is a fantastic way to calm your nervous system, and it helps to relax your body. 

  3. Become aware of what is happening: awareness is important. Become aware of the emotion that you're experiencing and accept that emotion. Say to yourself, “I feel you, sadness”, and just accept the emotion. 

  4. Visualize the emotion: if you're feeling anxious, visualize the anxiety like a ferocious tornado. Feel it. See it. Smell it. Touch it. Taste it. Visualize it in your mind and then give it a name. Maybe you can name it Mad Dog or Purple Dragon or Ferocious Cat. Give it a name and then let it go. And sometimes, if we can name our emotions and we can visualize them, we can make them feel just a little bit lighter. 

  5. Accept the emotion that you're feeling: if we can accept the emotion that we're feeling and recognize it as a visitor and know that it will pass and it's just here for a short time, that can help. 

  6. Act completely normal: know that it will pass. And if you need to go back to it later, when you're at home and on your own, you can. But right now, just act normal. 

  7. Make yourself a hot water drink: like chamomile tea or peppermint tea. Maybe add a little bit of ginger or a little bit of honey. This can help. 

  8. Take a walk outside if you can: if you have this opportunity, it's a great way to kind of bring yourself from the now to the present. Take a look around and notice the flowers and notice the tree and notice the people and notice the wind rushing through your hair and the snow falling on you. Just create an awareness of who you are in this world. 

  9. Remind yourself: that there will be an opportunity for you to experience this emotion later on. But right now you're at work. You need to move through this. You need to move through this as quickly as possible. And you permit yourself to do that. And if you need to come back to it again later, you can. 

  10. Remind yourself: that this is temporary. The emotion will come. The emotion will go. Your emotions have come and gone before. And it helps to think about someone who has gone through a terrible time. And imagine all the emotions that they had to work through. And this someone can be you. 

Remember, you are perfect. You are worthy. You are loved. Your emotions are normal and natural. And they're okay. Thanks for being here with me today.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by emotions and are looking for a way to better manage them, you can schedule a call with me.




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