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Who Do I Want To Be?

Who am I being? How can I be my best self during this challenging time? Who do I want to be for my children and everyone else in my life?

You may be wondering, why me? How can this be happening to me? What am I going to do? I can't do this on my own.

I know that you didn’t get married to the love of your life expecting that divorce may be in your future. You were planning a life together filled with

hopes and dreams and fun times and family.

And now your reality is very different than anything that you ever imagined possible.

If it is true that the questions we ask ourselves, and the things that we say to ourselves, help to shape our current reality and our future life, then it is very important that we are aware of what we are thinking.

Rather than saying to yourself ‘Why me? ‘or ‘I can’t’ consider asking yourself ‘Who am I going to be during this transition in my life?’ ‘How can I make this a positive time in my life for everyone?’ ‘how can I make choices from a place of love?’ ‘Who do I need in my life that can help me?’

When you ask yourself questions like this notice how you feel. Do you feel more empowered? More in control of your life? Do you feel more amicable?

Another way you can begin to take ownership of your reality is to think about a time in your life that was challenging and remember how you overcame it. What did you do that was helpful and what could you have done differently?

You have many choices to make. You can choose to ignore, deny, blame, cry, suffer, be angry, to fight, to freeze, to run, honour, love, hope, and on and on. One of the most important choices is deciding who you are going to be while you walk down this path. Are you going to be kind or vicious, loving or hateful, angry or peaceful, grateful or greedy?

Divorce is one of the most difficult transitions you will make in your life but it can be filled with growth, self-realization, love, clarity, and possibility.

Ask yourself ‘Who do I want to be during this time?’

Ps. If you are considering divorce or if you are ready to transition through divorce with grace, love and clarity, schedule a call with me to apply for a spot as a private client.




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