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Hi. I'm Wendy

I love to be a part of the transformation and evolution in peoples' lives. Love and take care of youfirst so you can bring your best to everyone else.

18 years ago I knew that I was not married to the right person. I had 4 young boys and had to ask myself 'Should I stay or should I go?'..this was the most difficult decision of my life.  Exorbitant legal fees, no child support, on paper we had joint custody, I have always been the primary care giver, I was left with some equity and little cash flow.


Then I asked myself 'What's next?!' I know that I would have benefitted greatly by working with a divorce coach like myself and that is why I am doing this work now.

I am here to serve you. To help you navigate the business side of divorce, support you through all of the overwhelming emotions, and create a plan that is future focused, so that you can feel better about yourself, confident in all of the decisions that you make along the way and create a life that you deserve. You will gain clarity, grow confidence, build resilience and have the support you need to transition through divorce.

I created Divorce Thrive to share the "you first, we first" framework that I use with my clients and in my own life; proud momma to six amazing boys, wife to the greatest husband, divorce, remarriage, completing university degree in my late forties, lifetime entrepreneur, growing and exiting several businesses, coaching certifications, being coached.

I am here to guide you to and through divorce to the bigger, happier, healthier life that is possible.

To youfirst,


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I’d love to hear from you

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Waterloo, ON


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Helping amazing people create vision and seek what is possible in their life.

You have all the greatness inside of you! Chat with Wendy to realize it.
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